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March 22, 2023

Statue - touched up

I haven't had much free time to draw lately, but in the meantime I've gotten carried away with touching up old artworks. I wanted to see if I could fix an artwork I dislike, and so far, I am super happy with the results! This artwork is originally from 2014, AKA the dark ages. A lot of what I did back then is, uh, not good.

The other reason for touching up older artworks is because there are some things I miss. The goal is to bring back elements of my old style with the new. I will use these edits as a reference for future artworks. 

In the original Deviantart description I wrote that this artwork was a slog to work on and I wasn't that interested, taking months to finish. One thing I recently discovered is how to make art fun again. I have always followed a carefully laid-out methodology for digital art with dozens of layers and folders. I still follow this, but that's only half of the process. 

The fun part starts when I flatten the image and start drawing over it, adding details that would be tedious if I had to sift through 50 different layers. Layers can be helpful but also a detriment. I love going over the drawing and emphasizing lines, details, and colors, just as if I was coloring something on paper or canvas.

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