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November 1, 2022

November check-in

Let’s get the yucky parts out of the way first: I am feeling burnt out lately and I’m not sure why. I’m looking into ways to practice self-care that will also get me back on track. I haven’t been making much art this month which bums me out, but I just haven’t been that interested and I’m not going to force that. This will pass and I’m going to enjoy doing other things in the meantime... such as what’s listed below!

I went to a rock and mineral show earlier this month. It costs a few dollars to get in, but it was worth it. So many shiny rocks and crystals! I purchased a few small pieces for my collection and I’m hoping to make some miniature terrariums to showcase them. At some point I’d like to post some pictures.

We also enjoyed the quintessential fall activity of visiting the cider mill! Take your whole family, go on a nature hike and be rewarded with donuts and cider at the end. They also had a petting zoo. The weather was perfect that day! And just recently, we had an outdoor pumpkin painting party with some friends on a glorious October day.

Enjoying the fall 2022 anime lineup. I’m watching: Mob Psycho 100 III, Chainsaw Man, Spy x Family, Golden Kamuy, and To Your Eternity. Wouldn’t be surprised if I forgot to list them all because there’s so much to keep up with. I borrowed Big O, and the aesthetic is just absolutely my jam. I also borrowed Sailor Moon which I have never watched. Only watched the first episode, so the verdict isn’t in yet.  

I’ve been into podcasts for roughly a year now, but I’ve finally found some shows that I really truly enjoy. A special shoutout to 99% Invisible which is about art and design, with tons of mind-blowing facts about stuff you never really think about; Obitchuary, as well as My Favorite Murder, are two shows that are both morbid and funny; No Stupid Questions is thought provoking and they always stay on topic. 

While I didn’t do much art this month, I have made good progress on the story I’m writing. This is a victory for me because I’ve been talking about writing this story for well over ten years. I worked on Act 1 (out of 3) this month. My goal for November is to work on the meat and potatoes of the story, Act 2. I’m really scared, but I know I can do this!!! The plan is to establish the foundation and main plot beats, and then when I draw the comic I can add all the fun little details along the way.  Trying not to get too caught up in the planning stage.... But creative writing is so hard for me! I would even say that making this comic is my ultimate life goal. 

On a very related topic, I’m currently reading Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud and taking very detailed notes on it. This book is absolutely mind-blowing and my only regret is not reading this book way earlier in life. It focuses on the design and philosophy of comic-making and that’s exactly what I’m here for. Plus I love the way he draws himself as a cartoon character! 

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