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September 23, 2022



Long hair is a crucial part of Princess' identity. She is a role model at the boarding school which values a chaste woman of God. A woman's hair is her glory and should never be cut. At the boarding school, haircuts are given as punishment- the worse the offense, the shorter the cut. She has never been punished, and her long hair is a symbol of pride and moral status.

She must feel trapped in her role though, whether she realizes it or not. She can't leave her role as a big sister and holy role model. Part of her wants to escape this role but she's also quite complacent with her superstar status as well. She is used to being adored and fawned over; knowing she has real influence over the younger and more impressionable student body, and that all the girls want to be just like her. They tell her she's perfect and she does whatever she can to maintain that.

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