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August 9, 2022

Red Shimmer (Trigun)

Red Shimmer (Trigun)

What this idea means to me

  • Vash is the Red Shimmer. 

    • He is like an elusive mirage in the desert that is sought by many, but caught by none.

    • The mysterious man in the red coat is mysterious and unreachable, much like his lofty ideals that the coat symbolizes.

  • He is only known through rumors and secondhand information. 

    • The actual man is mysterious and elusive. Nobody knows what to look for.

    • By the time people realize it was him, he’s already gone.

  • This idea was originally meant for my OC Apollow but I feel this could be highly applicable to Trigun as well. Part of why I loved Trigun is because Vash encapsulates so many of my favorite character tropes. 

  • Song comes from Akiko Shikata. I believe it is from the Hanakisou soundtrack but I’m not sure which version (it was released for PC, PSP, and PS2)

Brainstorming thoughts

  • Imagine that you’re spotting Vash through a spyglass telescope.

  • I’m imagining a very blurry picture or impression of Vash. You can only make out a fuzzy red figure in the distance, but none of the details. 

  • Unlike my OC version of this idea, Vash would be more prominent since he is the literal red shimmer. He’s still too far away to get a good look, but he would take up more of the frame.

Visual inspiration

  • Artist: Andatsea

    • Best example: Pink dunes

    • Magical and surreal worlds

    • Very background/scenery oriented

    • Gorgeous color choice

    • Dramatic lighting

    • Heavy focus on shape and composition

  • Trigun OP

    • Reflective glow on gun

    • Ominous figure approaching viewer

    • Glowing sunglasses

    • Serious expression; he looks very cool

    • Long focal length

  • Trigun ED

    • Eerie post apocalyptic scenery 

    • Strange, massive ruins in the distance

    • Blowing winds

Suggested Elements

  1. Vash the Stampede!

    1. Coat blowing in wind

    2. Desert rags

    3. Facing forward

    4. Glowing sunglasses

    5. Heat distortion obscures detail

    6. Reflective glow on gun

    7. Serious, intense expression

    8. Shimmering silhouette

    9. Wind-swept figure

    10. Vague and fuzzy

  2. Setting

    1. Endless horizon

    2. Deep blue sky

    3. Double suns

    4. Dust clouds and blowing sands

    5. Glittering particles

    6. Heat shimmer

    7. Heavy boulders

    8. Massive ruins far off in the distance

    9. Red sky

    10. Red sunset

    11. Ruins

    12. Sharp rocks

    13. Stark white desert

    14. Triple moons

  3. Composition

    1. Horizontal orientation

    2. Long focal length (i.e. viewing him from very far away)

    3. Red and purple hues


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