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August 1, 2022

August check-in

My July was okay. I had to stay with my parents for almost 2 weeks because covid finally caught up to my sister, the nasty new variant too. Thankfully she's doing a lot better now, just has a residual cough. She's already back to her art business stuff so I'd say she's doing just fine. It was nice spending time with my parents even though I missed my cats. 

During those two weeks I went to the zoo with my bestie and took some good photos with my camera. It has a really nice zoom! Another highlight is that I started watching the Trigun anime. I've never watched it before other than seeing random bits on Adult Swim way back in the day. And.... wow. This show is incredible. I've been doing a lot of writing this month because it helps me appreciate the story better. 

Art-wise, I've been doing lots of practice with mini photo studies. I'm trying to do more interesting things with my art and experiment with color and style.

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