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February 24, 2008


A drawing of Mara. I recorded a speedpaint of this and posted it to my original Youtube channel, which has sadly been lost after being banned in 2010. Still bummed about some of the stuff I had that I'll never get back. Oh well. 

At least I still have this gem of a comment that I dug up in my old email, back when Youtube emailed you notifs about new activity on your videos. Early 2000s Youtube was the best Youtube. Everything about this is such a time capsule and I love it. That old 3D Youtube logo and slogan. Calling it "SAI PAINTER". SD = super deformed.

Was this comment rude and uncalled for? Yes. Were they right? Also yes. Back then, we could still upvote/downvote comments. If your opinion was shit, other people would let you know. It warmed my heart to see this person's comment at -6 points. Now you can't even see dislikes on Youtube videos unless you have a browser extension. I am still so mad about that. #firstworldproblems

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