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February 23, 2008

Mara and Mr Cass, circa 2008

If you're wondering what's going on in this picture, that's a great question! I don't know either. The more I look at this the less it makes sense. Why is Mara holding her head? Why are there dried blood stains on her shirt? Why does Mr Cass have a ring with Hungarian writing on it? I don't even know Hungarian!

I had recently made the switch from Photoshop to SAI for all my digital art needs, so the novelty was still fresh. I still think SAI is superior to Photoshop when it comes to digital art, despite its limited features. Everything, from the interface to the painting tools just feels so much smoother. 

Oh hey, I still have the sketch!

Maybe if I'm lucky the speedpaint video is still somewhere out there. Vintage!

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