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July 26, 2006

Gaia Online commissions and art trades

God I miss middle school. Wait no I don't.

Don't think you're all that and a bag of potato chips!

I started taking commissions in 2006, in the form of Gaia Online currency. This was during the site's golden age before things went way south. Here's a link to a really great video by Red Bard documenting the site's history. 

Next: Art trades with fellow Deviants. 

My art trade partner told me to draw whatever. I don't remember a specific prompt. I drew my cat Nikki in the basket. Also, I do like the coloring in this one, especially on her hair.

Looking back at these pictures really makes me wonder where they are now. It's been a good seventeen years. 

Another "draw whatever you feel like" art trade. But this is by far one of my favorites. I wish all of my 2006 pictures looked this good. Yes, it has its mistakes, but I love the colors. I ended up saving this character as an OC, but have never since captured the magic of this original artwork.

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