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July 15, 2006

+ The d i v i n i t y +

This is the original title when I posted it on DA or at least similar. Back then it was a trend to spice up post titles to distract from lack of skill. I also used Deviantart Green for the backdrop. 

This artwork is of my Tellissian goddess character, Joaijihag. She has such a lovely name that rolls right off the tongue. I find myself shouting her name when I stub my toe.

I completed this artwork just as I was wrapping up seventh grade. I was so sure this would be a banger with the cool kids and end up on the front page of Deviantart. Oh, Mel!

Honestly, I still like this picture. It was fun to work on, and my mind was buzzing with ideas. I've always loved sparkly gemstones and ornate textures.

God I love these. They're such a snapshot of life back then. I obscured the thumbnail because I wanted to be mysterious and that is what the cool kids did when they posted WIPs. Also random Homestar Runner reference. Meh!

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