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August 19, 2019


 My sister used to babysit our two younger cousins multiple times a week and I usually came along. Our aunt would give my sister money to get lunch for the kids, and one of our common choices was the local sushi place. None of us were big on seafood but they had plenty of vegetarian options like sweet potato and tempura sushi, which was my favorite. I'm craving some just thinking about it. We would always get it to-go and eat it at their house, on colorful patterned plates.

The older cousin was my age and we were friends.  And with the four of us it always felt like a party! We'd listen to alternative rock on the radio, play Nintendo 64 (and later the Wii), and come up with inside jokes together. It was really fun getting together whether it was summer break or in the middle of the school year. Plus, their pantry always had the best snacks and junk food that we rarely had at home.

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