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May 10, 2005

My old shame, exposed!!!

 It is time I reveal an old shameful secret... I used to trace art when I was 12. I would load up official anime art in OekakiBBS, trace it, and color it. Behold... the fruits of my laziness!

I was so proud of this one that I submitted it to a Fushigi Yugi fan site back when that was a thing. And they actually posted it!!! 

Traced an official artwork of Chichiri but replaced it with my Inuyasha fan character. Or maybe it's just Chichiri in a snazzy wig.

You can especially tell this one is traced because of where I took some artistic liberties. Check out those feet.

My best guess is that I traced because I wanted to feel like I was a better artist than I actually was. Or I wanted to color something without having to draw anything first.

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